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What is FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)?

FRC is a system of exercising that allows us to isolate the major weaknesses present within our movement patterns and intensively train them across multiple ranges of function. These ranges will be highly dependent on the requirements that the sport or activity the person is engaging in.

Still confused? Maybe a visual will help…

The easiest way to explain this system is with a very basic movement like a bicep curl. Here is the strength curve in relation to the joint angle of a few different bicep curl variations:

Notice how the amount of force produced at different angles of the elbow joint varies tremendously. Also notice how despite varying in slope, all the joints have an “inverted U” shape, producing less force at the end-ranges (near the ends of the graph), than at the middle. What the FRC system does is isolate the parts of the movement that are the weakest (more often than not, the end-ranges) and acutely train those areas to increase their force production. The example used is a simple bicep curl, but this same concept applies to EVERY SINGLE JOINT and EACH ONE OF IT’s MOTIONS across your whole body (yes, include your spine, your toes, your neck, and maybe some joints you didn’t even know existed like your acromioclavicular joint)

As you may imagine, if you cannot PRODUCE force at the end-ranges, you also cannot ABSORB force there. Guess what will happen if you are ever put in a range of motion during your sport or training session, and the tissues of the area don’t have the ability to absorb enough force to meet the demands of the exterior? That’s right, INJURY.

But that is not all…

Another benefit of end-range training is that it allows us to tap into types of training that is not conventionally popular to say the least: connective tissue training and joint training.

Yes you heard me right, you can train your connective tissues and your joints. These two, along with muscle tissue and the central nervous system are what is considered the “4 Ecologies of Training”. Only by training all 4 you are getting a complete package to improve your movement. Sadly, most personal trainers and fitness centers only focus on one out of the three… your muscles.

The reality is that the amount of muscle tissue you can grow, and how much it can develop in terms of strength, speed and endurance is limited by how much and how strong your connective tissues are, since they are the ones that support the muscles to perform their functions. And as for joints, without their proper functioning, the muscles are plain useless.

Since those 2 ecologies of training usually go untrained throughout someone’s entire lifetime, those are usually the weakest spots of most people’s movement patterns. This means that most injuries occur not at the muscle tissue, but at the connective tissue level. FRC gives us a way of training and strengthening these tissues, severely decreasing injury risk.

Unlike muscle tissue, connective tissue does not have any direct blood supply route. Blood is the body fluid primarily responsible for the transportation of nutrients and substances that are vital for the recovery of tissues that have been damaged by exercise. FRC allows us to “force blood” into the connective tissues, allowing them the proper nutrients they need to heal, strengthen, and perform at a higher level.

FRC is VITAL for any athlete or gym goer that takes their exercise seriously. Both the injury prevention properties, as well as the performance enhancing ones can strongly benefit those that take pride in having their body at peak performance.

Further benefits of end range training

-Better body control

-Improved mobility

-Improved strength

-Improved speed and rate of force development

-Faster recovery

-Less injuries

-Improved joint function

All of these, at the end of the day, improve performance.


For the past 2+ years, I have been training with Nicholas with a focus on powerlifting. His training methods opened my eyes to my body's capabilities in many ways besides just strength. Through a combination of training for muscle growth, joint and connective tissue training, speed, endurance, and of course powerlifting program, I have been able to push my body to peak performance. Many times there is a stigma that powerlifters are unathletic, slow, fat, and or lack in their physique. However, as a strength athlete who utilizes Nick's expertise in the different ways to train the body I'm able to take pride in the feeling of being superhuman, a true athlete. The ability to function and move better as a human and most importantly pain free is invaluable to anyone especially an athlete. I have total trust in my coaches abilities to maximize injury prevention while also helping my performance excel. Just now turning 18 I have been training with Nick since my sophomore year in high school; I have been able to increase my SBD numbers from 255/200/295 to 415/260/555. My bodyweight has also increased from ~155lbs-180lbs
Joseph Kontil
82kg Teen Powerlifter
I have been working with Nick for over a year now, and I can proudly say that not only has Nick made me a better lifter, but also a better human being. Before becoming an NB performance athlete, I had no idea what I was doing in the gym. Now, not only do I understand what I am doing during my workouts, but I also know WHY I am executing certain movements. Thanks to Nick, I am currently placed second in the world in my age and weight class and hold seven Florida USAPL state records. Throughout prepping for nationals, Nick has constantly been by my side pushing me to be the best I can possibly be as a coach, and as a friend. Although I have been through multiple preps in the past, this one has been extremely different as I’m competing in a class below my usual competition weight. This cutting process would have been immensely more difficult without Nick by my side. He is always there to cheer me up when I get discouraged when my lifts don’t move how I want them to and is my biggest supporter when I hit a new PR. Being a part of the NB performance family has changed my lifting career and my life for the better and I look forward to many more competitions and records with Nick!
Lily Rubenstein
60kg teen powerlifter, 7x state record holder, top 5 world rankings
Nick's online training program has taken me from an inexperienced, unmotivated gym goer to a determined intermediate-level powerlifter. In the span of a year (Dec 2021-Dec 2022) with Nick we increased my SBD total from 845 lbs to 1,090lbs. In fact, 100 of those pounds were added to the total from April to September of 2022. In addition to strength, Nick has taught me a lot about joint conditioning and the importance of overall health, not just how much weight you can lift. Nick utilizes functional range conditioning in his programming that helps immensely with recovery, warm-up, and joint capacity. Along with added strength and newfound knowledge of the human body, I am now an experienced lifter and plan to pursue a future involving powerlifting, thanks to Nick's programming and mentoring.
Cody Peña
75kg teen powerlifters

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Who is your coach?

My name is Nicholas Barbosa, owner of NB Performance LLC and strength coach. I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil and I have been working with clients in South Florida since 2019. Since I was a kid I have always been very active. From soccer, to basketball, and even a brazilian version of volleyball called volley-soccer, finally landing on the strength sports of bodybuilding, powerlifting and olympic weightlifting as I matured and started using the weight room. Since I started my performance journey so young, I was put in a position where I was pushed to learn as much as possible in order to perform my best. Over the years I have had time to experiment on myself with different training styles, methods, sports and techniques, mastering a handful of skills that allowed me to coach myself and others to successfully achieve their performance goals. Since then I have worked hands-on with hundreds of clients of various different demographics, injury profiles, goals and limitations, going as far as taking some of them through successful competitions. Some even became nationally and internationally ranked as some of the best in the world, breaking multiple state records and winning gold medals in competitions all over the country.

Now that I have accumulated the knowledge base of multiple certifications and experience of coaching multiple clients, I plan on continuing my mission of helping you achieve your strength, movement and performance goals for years to come!

I look forward to working with you!

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